Tafsout Honaine Water Supply (70 Km). Algeria

Detailed design of the 70 km drinking water pipeline between the Tafsout seawater desalination plant and Tlemcen’s water supply system (pipe diameter from 800mm to 1400mm). The project also includes 4 new pumping stations, the renovation of 2 pumping stations and 10 new storage tanks.

Algeria (2009-2016)


Detailed design project

  • Critical analysis of basic projects, topographic and geotechnical works and proposal of eventual additional survey works
  • Update of the basic designs and presentation of design hypothesis, including:
    • hydraulical optimization
    • energy balances
    • comparative of costs: investment, operation and maintenance, depreciation and reinvestment
  • Proposal of the new general hydraulic diagram of the project
  • Elaboration of the topographic and geotechnical program; geotechnical data analysis and interpretation
  • Pipeline: alignment definition, mechanical and hydraulical calculation and design (permanent + transitory), structural calculation and design
  • Tanks and pumping stations: definition of the foundation typology,  structural and architectural design, civil works calculation, urbanization and road and services

Technical Assistance

  • Provision of assisting experts on site for technical support during the execution of works, proposing actions to be taken to solve or minimize constraints on site, analysing solutions proposed by the Contractor
  • Coordination among and monthly meetings with representatives of Client, Administration, Works Supervision, Monitoring Mission and Municipalities

Final documents and project delivery

  • Production and submission of the “As built” drawings and documents
  • Project implementation and delivery to the Competent authority, transferring the knowledge to the Client officials with regard to management, follow-up and monitoring methods.