Environmental impact study for the feasibility of a link between highway A4 and the city of Bizerte, by crossing its maritime canal, through an expressway accessible without interruptions (main urban and global scope of the project) with a length of 8 km.

Bizerte, Tunis (2013-2015).

Scoping report, including:

  • Description of the environmental baseline scenario
  • Biodiversity scoping in order to determine the key biodiversity and ecosystem issues.
  • Proposed alternatives and comparison by multicriteria analysis.
  • Preparation of sensitivity map
  • Study of the environment and development of the sensitivity map.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report, including:

  • Identification of environmental and social impacts
  • Assessment of the likely significant effects on the environment and biodiversity
  • Mitigation and compensation measures
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Plan of Mitigation measures
  • Urbanistic and landscape integration