The works consisted on the environmental supervision of the construction of 13 stations and 6 ventilation shafts of the Line 9 Barcelona Subway in the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Barcelona.

The main environmental issues:

  • The stations are situated over the Llobregat River Aquifer which is legally protected by the Catalan laws
  • The works were developed in an urban area, with high density of population
  • Affectation of services and population mobility
  • Presence of polluted soils due to the existence of ancient high polluting industries


Environmental supervision of construction works. The main tasks:

  • Monitoring the contractor’s Environmental Managing Plan, containing the mitigation measures included in the Environmental Impact Statement
  • Monitoring of the piezometric level and water quality of the protected aquifer
  • Monitoring of sealing of deep wells and piezometers affected by construction works
  • Monitoring the volume and quality treatment of pumped water before their discharge to sewage system.
  • Monitoring of noise levels around the work areas
  • Monitoring of the construction spoil management plan
  • Monitoring of the waste management plan
  • Monitoring of measures to keep the air quality
  • Monitoring of management of polluted soils
  • Communication and coordination with the environmental technics of local governments
  • Writing of monthly reports