Detailed design project of the construction of three vegetable garden inside the Alicia Foundation (part of Bulli Foundation by Ferran Adrià), located in the Heritage Centre of Sant Benet de Bages.

The characteristics and the aim of each garden are:

  • Didactic garden: 3,831 m2 Planting of vegetable and seeds for didactic use and children’s workshops.
  • Gastronomic garden: 8,236 m2. Planting of vegetables and fruit trees for culinary research in the Alicia Foundation
  • Pear and apple trees garden: 5,659 m2. Planting of fruit trees for culinary research in the Alicia Foundation


  • Environmental integration of the gardens according their characteristics
  • Topographic design of the plots
  • Proposition and distribution of specific vegetal species for each garden
  • Proposal of native agricultural species in order to preserve the biodiversity
  • Agronomic study
  • Elaboration of the horticulture’s Good Practice Guidelines
  • Hydraulic calculation and design of the irrigation and water supply network
  • Design and distribution of every garden, the pathways design, the garden furniture, the equipment and the choice of sustainable materials
  • Elaboration of the Control Quality Plan and budget