Detailed design and Technical assistance to the contractof for the 60 km double water pipeline between Athmania River Dam and Ain Kercha pumping station (pipe diameter 2.2m and 2.4m). Three pumping stations and a reservoir with 270.000m3 are included in the project.

Algeria (2011-2018).


  • Data collection: complementary geotechnical survey, preliminary studies revision, critical analysis
  • Optimization of previous studies:
    • Hydraulics
    • Energy
    • Costs (investment, operation and maintenance, depreciation and reinvestment)
  • Hydraulic modeling of the proposed network
  • Execution study:
    • Pipeline: alignment definition, mechanical and hydraulical calculation and design (permanent + transitory), structural calculation and design
    • Tanks and pumping stations: definition of the foundation typology,  structural and architectural design, civil works calculation, urbanization and road and services

Technical assistance

  • Provision of experts on site, ensuring the proper execution of works, providing solutions, modifications, updates in order to manage new needs arising during the works
  • Coordination among and monthly meetings with representatives of Client, Administration, Works Supervision, Monitoring Mission and Municipalities

Final documents and project delivery

  • Production and submission of Studies compilation report, Execution plans, Technical Brief and Specifications for proper operation
  • Project implementation and delivery to the Competent authority, transferring the knowledge to the officials with regard to operation of stations and pumps, functioning and maintenance, preventive maintenance and safety regulations.