Fernando Casanovas

Managing Director of Tec 4

With more than 40 years of experience, Fernando Casanovas has managed and participated in a large number of projects. Having specialized in foundations and structures, Fernando has participated in projects ranging from railways, highways and structures to urban planning and architecture.

Fernando has an extensive overseas experience and has until recently been actively involved in overseeing many projects in the Middle East and Central Europe. He remains involved in project work and is responsible for the client and project team liaison for the design of a number of major infrastructure and transportation studies.

As the Managing Director of Tec-Cuatro, Fernando is responsible for the overall operational performance of the business, improving performance and facilitating growth.

Diego Cobo

Partner. Deputy Chief Leader. Transportation projects, bridges and large structures.

Having spent nearly his entire career involved in the design and in the construction supervision of large infrastructure projects (metro, railways), he is also renowned as a leading expert in bridge and structural design. Complementing his design activities, he has also done extensive research on dynamic and seismic design of bridges, notably in the aeroelastic design of suspension bridges and in the seismic isolation of railways, bridges with damping devices, with important technical publications in the field.

Diego has been able to use his strong knowledge of planning, site-wide infrastructure design, highways and transportation, river and coastal design and environmental planning to successfully guide Tec-Cuatro over the last two decades.

As a Partner in Tec-Cuatro, Diego provides management and practical technical leadership services for multidisciplinary projects.

Ingrid Raventós

Partner and Deputy Chief Leader. Transportation projects.

With over 18 years experience across a broad field of urban, civil engineering and transportation work for public of private sector clients, Ingrid has been involved in projects ranging from transport impact assessments for modest developments to engineering major infrastructure schemes. She also has experience in structural engineering and a keen interest in urban design.

Ingrid has an extensive experience of more than 17 years in projects of railway infrastructures executed in both urban and natural environment. She is in charge of the coordination and development of coherent solutions and proposals for town planning, management of public spaces, mobility studies and the integration of infrastructures into the urban fabric

Ricard Leal

Partner. Deputy Chief Leader. Bridges, structures and highway projects.

Ricard has over 30 years of experience in Civil Engineering projects. His extensive structural engineering background covers a wide range of disciplines, this includes structural detailing of train tracks, underground stations and shafts, bridges and road structures, structural details of culverts and tunnels; commercial/industrial buildings; construction monitoring of bridging projects including processing of construction queries.

Ricard’s background in construction and project management gives him a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the needs and challenges associated with meeting and exceeding expectations

César Salva

Partner. Deputy Chief Leader. Hydraulics projects.

César has over 35 years of professional experience of which, almost 20, in the design of hydraulic infrastructures (dams, channeling and river works, supplies, sanitation, irrigation and water use), carrying out construction management of roads, bridges and hydraulic infrastructure.

César is also dedicated to the management of the company, assuming different responsibilities: Operational management of the company, when it was a small entreprise. Then the coordination of the different areas (commercial, production, SGI, personnel and administration) when it was medium-sized, and currently, assuming the management of the areas of hydraulic infrastructures, projects and construction management; of Direction / Supervision of work, in general; and of the integrated quality and environmental management system.
Member of the Board of Directors of ASINCA and president of the Civil Works Commission, during the period of 2008-2016.